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I have a 'fat tooth', and come rom a family that loves meat, gravy, etc. Although we didnt overeat and got lots of exercise on the farm, we were all overweight.
The family next door was poor, and ate a lot of carbs for their main meals-rice, noodles, dry cereal, etc. Although total calories were about the same, and they were pretty lazy, they were all very skinny.
Is the propensity to put on weight from dietary fat a genetic thing?
I tried low carbing for years-even ZERO carbing, and gained weight. Recently I swithced to low fat, and am actuall losing weight for the first time in years! Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Susan, my apologies for the late response. Had some personal stuff going on but that's no excuse.

The issue with weight gain and loss varies from person to person. I for instance watch every last bite of food that goes in my mouth. Then there are others who can eat 24/7, and eat junk at that and never gain an ounce. It all comes down to your metabolism and carb tolerance.

As for genetics, I'd say yes to a degree. However there are exceptions. I believe that genetics do play a part in it, but we can over come genetics with enough dedication and hard work.

That's why fad diets are a load of crap. There is no one size fits all solution.
The only way to do it is to eat clean and eat on a good frequency. I usually recommend 5-6 meals every three hours. Eating the right kinds of fats is fine. These should come from unprocessed oils (olive/canola)nuts, fish, low fat dairy.
As for carbs it is best to avoid all things white. Stuff like white rice, refined flour and sugar do nothing for you but contribute  empty calories.

Here is something to consider though about that family next door. Their diet may have been poor and they didn't gain weight, but it didn't mean they were healthy. I've known people who could eat enough to put a football team to shame. In fact I went to high school with a girl who was eating junk 24/7 and literally weighed 101 pounds. However while people like this may not gain weight they are still victims to heart disease, diabetes, etc.
Having an inferno for a metabolism doesn't negate nutrition.

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