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My age is 25 years. I've a lot of midsection fat i.e. fat around the waist and also have weak knees...... I tried doing jumping, moderate walking but due to somewhat weak knees, had to leave these exercises.

Please suggest some way to reduce fat. If you suggest exercises, then please suggest those that don't involve knees or have very low impact on knees.

You could try a weight training program that uses a circuit training type regimen with supersets for a maximum 45 minute training utilizing an 8-12 rep per set program for 3 sets per exercise. What this means is that you will be increasing muscle mass, thus increasing metabolism, while keeping the heart rate elevated. The goal will be to continually increase weight on a consistent basis. However, in any case, an optimal nutrition plan for weight loss is necessary at the same time.

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Please only individuals over the age of 18 years. I have no expertise in adolescent nutrition. Also, this is not a forum in which I am able to create an individual or general diet plan. I will answer general questions. I can answer directly to questions regarding the use of nutrition and exercise to weight loss in women particularly as it relates to the following: yo-yo dieting, lifestyle change, hormonal changes, menopause, perimenopause, metabolic disorders, age related fat accumulation, HCG dieting, Dr. Simeon, nutritional changes geared toward health, coaching as it relates to weight loss, finding affordable nutrition plans, why diets do not work, and complete wellness programs.


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