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Dear Tim

My age is 25 years. I've a lot of midsection fat i.e. fat around the waist and also have weak knees...... I tried doing jumping, moderate walking but due to somewhat weak knees, had to leave these exercises.

Please suggest some way to reduce fat. If you suggest exercises, then please suggest those that don't involve knees or have very low impact on knees.

Hi Usman, please excuse the tardy response.

You did not mention your weight. However it could have something to do with your knee problems. Unless due to injury your knees should be fine at your age.

The main thing to look at it your diet. I don't know what you're eating but your diet is 80% of the equation. You can workout all day long, but unless your diet is on point you'll always come up short.

As for exercises that won't be hard on your knees.
Swimming is a great non impact form of cardio. It gets your heart rate up and works various muscle groups. If you have access to a pool try to swim the length of it 8-10 times three times a week. The second week add two laps. The next week add three laps.

Another option is the elliptical trainer. these can be found in most gyms. They look like a combination between a bike and treadmill. While there is some knee impact, it is far less than say running.

Another option is boxing drills. While jumping rope may be hard on your knees you can do bag work. If you have access to a heavy bag great.
Punch the bag with a combination of different punches for 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds then do another round on the bag. Do this ten times three to four times a week. Each week try to add more time to each round.

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