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What is more important to avoid when trying to lose weight-saturated fa or refined sugar? Low carb diets didnt work for me, but a low fat one has helped a bit more. Since I am eating a lot less meat, I am eating more carbs. Is white bread, potatoes, which I love, realy as bad as refined sugar? Thanks!

Saturated fat is not something to avoid, unless your physician has good reason to strictly forbid it. It is necessary in the body, however not to the extent that most people eat it. Most experts recommend that no more than 10 percent of your calories come from saturated fat. However, refined sugar should be avoided both for fat loss and health.

White bread is absolutely as bad as refined sugar as it contains both refined sugar and refined grains, which are both empty useless calories. As for white potatoes, they are purported to have a higher glycemic index, which means they affect your blood sugar much like simple carbohydrates. However, they are full of fiber at the same time. This means there is contradictory evidence and opinion to the elimination of white potatoes. Red potatoes have a slightly lower glycemic index and have been indicated as a better choice.

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