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laurie,i have diabetes and take blood thinner eliquis.i have heartburn.they recommended turmeric for indigestion.cant find out if it will interfere with my medications including my blood thinner eliquis.maybe you can come up with a natural   for indigestion that does not react with other wife has high colesteral anything you can recommend for here.sorry for the full plate

Hello Howard, and thanks for your question.
Your pharmacist should have a list of drug/nutrient interactions in their manual. Call your drug store any time and they will look this information up for you.

There are some other ideas to try for indigestion: do you stop eating before you are full? Are you a bit overweight? Consider stopping your meal when you are no longer hungry (not because you're stuffed!) and resisting a second helping. Be sure your clothing is not too tight. And don't lie down immediately after eating.

I'm not sure who "they" are, who recommended turmeric. I would say first and foremost see your physician about heartburn symptoms. There are prescriptions for this, but the important thing is to find out the cause. If long-term acid reflux goes untreated it can be permanently damaging to the sure acid reflux is not your diagnosis before you look to over-the-counter treatments.

Good luck and be well!


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