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Hi, I have a question regarding weakness
I am 27, around 180 cm tall and weigh around 240 lbs.
As you can guess I am a heavy guy, but that is not my question is about
Allow me describe my problem with an incident
A few days ago me and my brother, who is 17 and fairly slim, had arm wrestled and to my astonishment without any effort he won , it was like didn't even tried, within a sec my hand was down.
I felt his strength that moment and I am pretty sure he could have beaten me, even if had used both of my hands.  
I don't get it, He is younger( I mean looks puny), doesn't go to gym(never had)nor does he exercise, eats much more junk food than I do, yes its true,  then how come he is so strong
and damn I am weak.

What can i do to get that kind of strength.
After that incident I know that size does not matter
I truly feel like a big space occupying balloon

Hey Rite

Yes it is true some people can have natural strength. I remember when I was 21 and went to the gym and saw this really skinny guy who looked like he never trained doing a shoulder press of 225lbs and I was twice his size ( this was when I was exercising 5-6 days per week!). So I completely understand.. So it can be 1 of 2 things

1) he knows how to use leverage. Basically if he brings his arm closer to him he can have an advantage. He is  able to use less force to beat you in arm wrestling. This is what we call bio-mechanics. The arm is able to lift more weight doing less work and less effort. Also if his arms are shorter then yours that can also play as a factor and he may have a greater chance to beat you.

2.) he has more motor units that can be used. Basically our muscles are given a signal from our nerves and from our Motor units sending the signal telling how much strength to use. Some people are able to call on motor units then others which is part of genetics.. But exercise can help you to get where you want to be.

I would say if ud like to get better at arm wrestling, include bicep exercises (1-2 exercises of 8-12 repetitions and 1-2 sets for starters for the first week, and then include an extra set the next week or slightly increase the weight the next week.

You should also include rotator cuff exercises ( external rotation and internal rotation exercises)  ( 12-15 repetitions

and also thirdly

bench flys of 4-6 repetitions (for strength) also 1-2 sets for starters. The reason why we have 4-6 reps is because that generally increases strength.

Although some people can be stronger you can also make yourself stronger if you train properly. Remember that. Hope this helps.

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