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Is this common?
I am a guy, 55. I dont have diabetes (yet), but there is a family history. I do have the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. I am overweight, and can only shrink my belly if I keep my daily carb intake under 50 grams, which is extremely low. Thats OK I dont crave carbs much anyway, and I fill up on fruits and veggies and lean meat. I feel a lot better generally too-less gas, overall inflammation, etc.
I used to think I had a thyroid problem or slow metabolism but my doctor says I am OK. As long as I dont eat carbs-I can eat like a pig!
Your thoughts appreciated!

Hi Bud,

If your question is regarding whether or not your reaction to carbs is normal, then it's hard to say without knowing your activity level. Also, have you been tested for a sensitivity to gluten? This might explain gassiness, inflammation, etc. in response to carbs. Many people with sensitivities feel significantly better when they cut out most grain products.

Otherwise, your daily carb intake of <50 grams is less than half of the general recommended allowance for adults, but it is not unheard of for effective weight loss as a diet. Low carb plans, like Atkins and the South Beach diet, have similar restrictions. They typically are not recommended for long-term use because carbohydrates are essential for good health (and even good mood, according to some studies!).

It sounds like you're eating pretty healthy. Have you counted the carbs from the fruit and veggies in your daily tally? They may increase your technical daily intake. If you have counted them, and you feel satisfied with your daily intake, I wouldn't worry.

Finally, if you can feel satisfied with a varied and healthy diet like yours, it may be a good way to avoid diabetes. Coupled with regular exercise (even a daily walk), a diet like yours may help get your metabolic syndrome under control (or even reversed). Successful long-term weight loss plans combine exercise with a balanced diet. Overall, there is no need to starve yourself at all if you're eating plenty of veggies and lean protein!

If you have a more specific question that I could answer please let me know, and I would be glad to help!

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