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Dear Laura Ray, BS Nutrition,
Im male,44 years old.My weight is 58 and 6 kg less than standard weight(height 167.5cm).I m not touching sweet,sugar,oliy things and fatty foods.I generally drink fruit juices of various kind.My daily plan is morning tea .after one hour fruit juice or raw fruit.then after one hour breakfast .My doubt is taking fruit daily leads to any problem.what is the recommended limit for this.I m take any one fruit of pinaple,orangeapple,banana,pomogranut,sapporta etc .Im exercising alternate day a simple aerobic followed by 1 kg tumbles for one  and half hour.recently taken blood test for diabetic,cholostrol,thyroid test not found anything iron level is low norml .my FERRITIN is  48.15 ng/ml (reference range is Males : 30 - 400 ng/ml). ZINC : 71.6 Microgm/dl (reference range is 70 - 150 Microgm/dl).How to increase my weight and tell me whether this type of eating fruit daily harmful or reduce weight? do i have to increase ferritin since i developed grey hair in recent years

Hi Kumar,

Looks like you work hard to take care of yourself!

As far as recommendations for fruit, the typical recommendation is 2 servings per day. An example would be 1/2 banana and 1 small apple. Fruit juice is not recommended because it is essentially sugar with no fiber or other benefits of the fruit.

With regard to iron supplementation, it is never recommended to supplement without a physician's guidance. However, some feel that using cast iron cookware gently increases iron intake slightly.

To increase weight, calories eaten must exceed energy expenditure. If you exercise up to 1500 calories per day, intake must be greater than 1500 calories to gain weight. The same goes if you are weight training to increase muscle mass. The calories should be healthy and beneficial. You can use MET guidelines of exercise as well as metabolic calculators to determine your calorie expenditure. Another option is to use a product called Body Bugg from

There are many reasons for gray hair, the least of which is iron intake especially when iron levels are in normal range. Further, it is not unlikely to have gray hair in the 40s. I go back to what I originally stated that iron supplementation should be guided by a physician.

I hope I helped. Keep up the good work.


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