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Looking to gain weight 2 stone or even 1 and half stone.During the days I work,I don't eat enough & I come home to a late dinner. Can you suggest snacks that don'r cost much to buy,that I can have through out the day in work.I'd very much would want to go for. The right food that I know will put on weight for me. And have to run off to find a weighing scale to see if I have put weight on. Thank you so much.

I understand why it can be hard to maintain a decent diet with a working schedule.
The first key is to be sure you eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. Getting in enough protein and fiber in breakfast can help you from feeling overly hungry later in the day. Try 2 eggs and 2 eggs whites on 2 slices whole wheat bread and an orange.
A good snack might be a banana and 1 ounce of nuts. This will give you some fiber, and fat to help you feel full.
The big thing you want to avoid are simple carbs like sugar or white flour foods. These digest too fast and leave you feeling hungry.

I hope your workplace gives you a lunch time. This is another chance for you to get in some nutrient dense foods. Find a good source of protein like chicken or fish. Then be sure to get in a complex carb loaded with fiber like a cup of brown rice.

Between your lunch and dinner have another snack, maybe an apple and nuts or some natural peanut butter.

So basically as you can see the trick is to between meals get in foods with fiber and fat, both of which make you feel full longer. Just be sure your fat comes from healthy sources. Saturated and trans fats are best avoided. While a little saturated fat is ok, you want to avoid trans fat at all costs.

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