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people say low carb diet is the best diet to lose weight and body fat and some others say is all about the calories, so wich one is the main one to fallow?

Before I get to your question I wanted to explain the difference between the meanings of diet.
A lot of people will "go on a diet" where they partake in some type of eating plan for a set period of time. This is not good and almost always fails. The human body is not designed to survive on interval eating.
The other meaning of diet is your regular food intake. This is the best approach as you should always eat a healthy balanced and complete diet all the time. This gets you the best results.

Now on to your question. There is no best way to lose weight for everybody as a whole. As it relates to low carb, some people find great results with this while others can eat carbs and get the same or better results.

The best overall approach is alternating high and low calorie days. Ironically a large part of this is done by reducing or increasing carbs.
The way this works is you usually use 3 day blocks. So say on Monday you have a high day. You would eat carbs with every meal, specifically carbs from starchy sources. You can also eat fruit. Then Tuesday you remove the carbs from dinner and possibly lunch. Then Wednesday would be a low day. You would only have starchy carbs at breakfast or avoid them all together.
On these low days it is fine to eat carbs from vegetable sources like greens, broccoli, asparagus.
Regardless of the day all meals should contain protein and fat. Fat is even more important on the low days.
Keep in mind that even on the high days all your carbs should come from complex sources like brown rice, whole wheat bread and pasta, sweet potato, etc. You want to stay away from refined simple carbs like white bread/pasta, white rice and sugar.

The reason this alternating approach works is because it keeps your metabolism working. The problem with continual low calorie diets (low carb included) is that while they work at first, the body gets accustomed to them quickly. With regular calorie intake being low, your body shuts down the metabolism as a defense mechanism. The other drawback is that with limited calories the brain sends up a red alert and causes your body to store as much fat as possible.
The body doesn't know anything about diets and weight loss, it will simply do whatever is necessary to maintain life.

The other benefit to alternating calories is that it keeps you sane. Not too many people stay happy on low calorie diets or avoiding carbs like the plague.
It is possible to eat enough to be full and still lose weight. You should never be hungry.  

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