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i wish to follow this method of eating in order to lose weight [around belly]: The method is basically to eat often, about 6 small meals a day [instead of the normal 3 larger ones] , this should prevent the brain/body from going into fat storing mode because it thinks the may be no more food coming. I would appreciate some advice on following the above.

The reason I donít want to diverge from this method is that I have seen conclusive evidence of weight loss by this method

Also I donít fully understand about carbohydrates causing the metabolism to spike [as opposed to being level], how does the spiking affect weight gain/loss. .


Hi Mark,

I hope you do well and stick to a plan!

Simply changing to six meals per day will not reduce belly fat. In addition, you must eat healthy foods and consume fewer calories than you are expending. Further, exercise at a minimum of 60 minutes throughout the day in moderate intensity is absolutely necessary. With fat burning and weight loss, diet and exercise go hand in hand; unless you are doing an agressive, and unwise, very low calorie diet.

As far as carbohydrates spiking metabolism, the carbohydrates in question are complex carbohydrates. This means vegetables, and to a lesser extent, fruit. Protein can increase metabolism as well. However, it is does not spike metabolism, it slightly increases it. Exercise done throughout the day will spike metabolism.

Hope this helps! Take care!

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