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Dear Dr tim,

a long time ago i visited a dr for diet and he recommended that i drink 1 cup of orange juice daily for one week around 11 friend who has been studyin nutrition said that i shud drink only (half cup of orange juice) ...i couldnt ask my dr again as he left the do u recommend 1 cup of orange juice or half cup?

thanks for the help in advance

Hi Lili,
Besides the amount of calories as applies to sugar content, it really does not matter what size of juice you are drinking. The main thing you should do is consider the source of the juice. If buying it from a store then be sure to read the label. The ingredients should be 100% juice and nothing else. Avoid products that have added sugar or corn syrup.
Keep in mind that ingredients like ascorbic acid (vitamin C) might be added. These are harmless.  

Of course the best thing is to make it yourself at home. If you own a juicer great. If not you can buy manual juice extractors for relatively cheap or if all else fails do it by hand.

All that said I would still limit your intake to around that one cup as to much sugar, even in the form of natural fructose (fruit sugar) is not good.

Hope this helped you. All the best.

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