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Hello, I a 54 year old male. A few years ago I suffered a foot injury,before this I had always did a lot of long distance running to help with my mood. I now try to use diet to do the same. I notice that when I eat a scrambled egg for breakfast I have a better mood most of the day. After eating a egg for breakfast the last 10 years I am getting tired of them. What can you recommend that would give the same amount of protein ? I tried Greek yogurt, but I get too hungry in a hour or two. Plus I need something more solid to eat.

My other issue is when I have depression later in the day usually after 600pm if I eat pasta, my depression will lift and I will feel much better. I read somewhere that a person can have a disorder if they feel better after eating carbohydrates. Have you ever head of this ? I also feel better if I add meat to the carbs.

Several years ago I used L-Tyrosine for my depression and it really helped, but after taking it for a couple years it stopped helping. Maybe I should try that again ? Any that you could tell me would be most helpful.
Thank You !

Hi Doug and thanks for your questions!
While it is beyond the scope of my license to advise any treatment for depression, I can address your other questions.

There is evidence that serotonin affects mood and that consuming carbohydrates can increase your serotonin levels. This may explain why pasta helps. I don't know of this being referred to as any type of disorder, but it may be worth mentioning to your doctor if you decide to seek professional treatment for depression.

You don't mention what you eat with the egg, but other protein sources include cheese, cottage cheese, and peanut butter. I like to slap a slice of cheese between the halves of a toasted bagel or English muffin for a filling to-go breakfast that's easy to eat in the car.
You might also find some protein bars, breakfast bars, or meal-replacement bars that you like for a change, especially on days when you might be in a hurry.

And, thinking out of the box, you can try foods that are non-traditional at breakfast time: a turkey sandwich, leftover tuna casserole, or a lean beef patty!
Protein, as well as fat in foods, can stay in the stomach longer and slow the absorption of food, keeping you feeling full for longer than a high- carb breakfast like cereal, milk, and fruit.

Good luck!


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