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I want to know how many grams of carbs, fat, and protein should I take daily to maintain my wight, 120lbs and my daily calorie is about 1, 754.

To maintain weight, it is generally recommended to consume approximately 12 calories per pound of body weight with about 60 minutes of activity accumulated through the day. The calories should typically be broken down to 20-25% fat, 50- 65% carbohydrates, and 20-25% protein so that the total percentages equal 100%. If you are not a professional athlete, protein consumption should be limited to a number of grams equal to approximately 42-50% of body weight in pounds.

With 120 pounds, the approximations are as follows:

Calories:  1440
Protein:     34-54 grams based on weight (60 grams would be maximum) from lean sources
Fat grams:  32 grams to 40 grams (with 3-4 grams from saturated sources)
Carbohydrates: 180-234 grams from complex carbohydrate sources
Fiber: 25-35 grams from all sources.

I hope this helps. Please remember these are typical ranges and each person's needs vary. A person could start here and make modifications by paying attention to body and energy  signals.

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