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QUESTION: why people say that eating too low calories a day would be hard to lose weight if the thing is too eat less calories to lose weight?

ANSWER: That is a great question!

When it comes to healthy weight loss, two factors come into play. Those two factors are diet and exercise. If a person is doing both as should be done, there has to be a balance and moderation to ensure fat (not weight)loss along with increases of lean muscle. With proper diet, the body is able to support exercise and assist with metabolism increases. With proper exercise, the body is able to increase muscle mass to increase metabolism. If the balance is off and there is not enough food to fuel exercise, the brain, and the nervous system, the body will break down lean muscle tissue and conserve fat stores. In this way, you will decrease metabolism and sustain the fat. This means that you will likely not lose weight or, if you do, it will be in the form of lean muscle loss. This can be checked by utilizing fat percentage in your calculations. The person who does this will be on a constant treadmill of working hard to lose weight but not accomplishing it. You've heard it, "I work out and hardly eat and I can't lose any weight". The other consequence is that the person will be working hard a weight training and not gain any muscle, or have minimal gains.

However, if a person does no exercise and eats very little, first they will lose lean mass, then fat. They will over time lose weight, but it is an unhealthy and dangerous weight loss. Even if a person does some exercise, it would not be long that the energy to sustain exercise on a low calorie diet will be lost.

I hope I gave you a clear answer. There is a lot more detail that I could go into.

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QUESTION: Nice. I used to workout a lot until I started eating about 800 or lower calories and now I don't have energy to not even walk but I did lost a lot of weight, what do you suggest me to do to get that energy but still lose fat? What should I be eating and avoiding?

Here is a link to a person who asked generally the same thing:

You may have to copy and paste the link into the browser I truly can't give precise information per person on this format. Also, you can purchase a BodyBugg from or ebay that will tell you your metabolic rate, steps, and calories burned per day. If you purchase the digital display with it, you will get to see which exercises give the most burn for the time. For example, I know that if I do an interval of 5 mph running for 3 minutes, my burn goes to 8 calories per minute. It will sustain that while I walk for another 5 minutes before it drops to 7. Then, I simply interval up to 5 mph to bring it back up. You should not run at those speeds, though, if you have reduced energy.

You absolutely have to eat to get the energy to exercise and be healthy.

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