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Just want to know if fruits are bad for weight loss?

Hi Jairo,

Not at all, fruits are great. Now here is the but.
Fruit does contain sugar. Fructose is a naturally occurring sugar found in fruits.
There are a few upsides to fruit, as follows
-Excellent source of vitamins
-Great source of antioxidants
-Good source of fiber

The way it works with fructose is that when you eat a fruit, the body is not able to use fructose so it transports it to the liver where it is converted to glucose and either used as energy or stored as fat. This trip to the liver lengthens the time it takes to digest hence a lower rise in blood sugar than say dextrose which immediately raises your blood sugar where excess amounts can cause fat gain.

Fruits also contain fiber which again slows digestion. Fiber is also important for digestion and a key component to weight loss.

The trick is to use fruit moderately. An excellent time to eat fruit is with breakfast. With your first meal of the day you have a little safety net when it comes to what you eat.
another good time for fruit is pre workout. If you lift weights then eating an apple or banana 20-30 minutes before you workout can help you with sustained energy.

For your other meals of the day I recommend sticking with vegetables.

finally though fruit is always a better choice than sugar filled desserts or drinks.

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