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Do you know how to calculate the RDI for losing weight at a rate of half a kilogram a week and a kilogram a week? I know that there are calculators, but I need the actual calculation, however complex it may be. Please do not refer me to online calculators, as all I need is the actual calculation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Alex,

Here you go:

To lose one kilogram of fat, you must burn 7000 calories above what you consume. To lose a half kilogram, you must burn 3500 calories above what you consume.

Consume 1500 calories per day for one week     (Total Weekly 10,500)
Burn 2000 calories per day for one week        (Total Weekly 14,000)

Calorie Deficit  3500 calories per week or .5 kg loss

Keep in mind that this is variable based on the type of exercise that you do. For example, if you are strength training and increase lean muscle, your weight may not change because you are trading fat for muscle. This means that fat percentage and inches are more focused to keeping track of progress.

I hope this helps.

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