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Hello, Tim.

So here's the situation here and basic info.

I'm 24 years old, weight is 195 lb's, and about 5'11 height.  I recently decided I want to lose some weight, and could use some help.

There's just some things I would like help with.
Before that though, there's a couple things you should know.  I drink alcohol occasionally, but have cut down on it in past few weeks.  Instead of having 5-6 beers + more liquor every Sunday, I only have about 1-2 drinks, and that's it. I don't even really drink alcohol during the weekdays anymore either. I need to stop the smoking now, and I'll be okay there.  I've tried limiting my Pop intake too.  To about 1 a day, from 3-5 a day.  Now I drink a bit of Orange, or Apple Juice.  Or just Water.

#1- I work Nights at my job; doing Night Stocking, at a store here in town 4-5 days a week.  I work from 10 p.m. - 7 a.m. I get a 15 minute break at Midnight, a 1 hour Lunch Break between 2-3:00a.m., and get another 15 minute break at 5:30-6:00a.m.  During my two 15 minute breaks, I have 1 cup of plain coffee each, to help keep alert and such.
After I get home about 7:30-8, I stay up until about 10, then go to bed until about 6-7 p.m.  
Repeat Cycle.

#2- I don't really have "Designated Lunch Times" on my days off, or after work.  I've never really had a limit. I've just ate whenever I felt, what I feel like having, and that's about it. Same with Nights before I started working too. If I was hungry at 3 a.m., I'd throw  a pizza in the oven and eat.

#3- I have.. Troubles, eating some foods. I've went to the Dr. in the past, and have even had my throat stretched twice.  I have difficulties eating some foods. As in, I feel like it gets caught in my throat, then I can't eat anymore until it goes away. Whether it be 1 bite, or 5 minutes into a meal.  So, that also limits my food choices a little.  Adding to that, I'm a little picky about some foods too.

I really like nearly all kinds of Fruits. I like some Vegetables and other foods like Celery, Corn, Lettuce (Salad in general plain, with Ranch Dressing only), Green Beans, Carrots, Mashed Potatoes with Pepper only.

I don't like cheese really; unless of course, it's on a Pizza. Nor do I like Butter, unless it's on Popcorn.  I don't like White Milk.  I do like Chocolate or Strawberry.

I rarely touch Candy, Cakes, Cookies, or anything like that.  I like all kinds of Meat; but can only really eat Bacon, Hamburgers with Tomato and Mustard, or Hotdogs with Mustard.  I can sometimes eat a little bit of Ham or Chicken, but I have troubles eating some foods, as I said earlier.  *Mostly Meats*.  I do like all kinds of Yogurt as well, and Oatmeal too.
I'm not really allergic to any kinds of food that I can relate too, except Tilapia (Which I found out the hard way a year ago).  I do like Peanut Butter as well.

That's about it as far as food goes.  If you have any further questions about Likes / Dislikes, feel free to ask.

So now here's where you really come in.  
About what times would you recommend I eat based on my Schedule I mentioned at top?  Could you help me come up with an Eating Plan / Menu for everyday, what kinds of portions, maximum calorie intakes, and other good information?  
I can always go to the Exercise area of this Website, for further help as far as a physical exercise regimen goes.  Unless, you can help me out in there as well.

Thank you for your time!
Feel free to ask me anything else that may aid in your helping me.

Hi Matt, thanks for all the information.
I'll be more than happy to help with your meals and workouts, however I'm unable to provide you a custom menu and workout as each of those is a quite involved process. I do offer training packages on my site at I actually have a special going 30 day meal and workout for $85.00
I'm not just going to leave you totally in the dark though, I'll still give you some advice here.

On your work days will be the most important time to plan your meals. I have to ask though what type schedule you follow on your off days? Do you change to a day schedule or keep the night schedule?
The first thing you need to do is eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. This all depends on how you feel. Are you comfortable eating breakfast foods in the evening? If not then it is ok to eat a more dinner oriented meal. the key is to just maintain a similar macronutrient balance. In reality it doesn't matter if you eat eggs or a chicken breast for breakfast. Its all your preference.
So within 30 minutes of waking up eat a meal with protein, fat and carbs.
Here is an example that looks at both options breakfast/dinner for your first meal.
Protein- 2 whole eggs, 2 whites / 6 ounce chicken breast or 6 oz lean beef
Carb- 1 cup cooked oatmeal / 1 cup brown rice or a small sweet potato
Fat- this would come from your eggs / use 1Tbl olive oil on the rice or on a greens salad or any steamed vegetable.

If you can eat 3 hours later. Try to fit in this snack before work, that's perfect. It is easier to eat on your free time.
You do hard work which I'm sure includes a lot of heavy lifting. So for this snack you can stand some good carbs and protein. Can you do a cup of Greek yogurt with 2 brown rice cakes with 1 Tbl natural peanut butter?

If you can't get this snack in before work then there is another option. You can push breakfast to a hour or 90 minutes before work. Then eat the snack at your midnight break.
Another protein option you might consider is a protein shake. either make it your self with powdered whey or use a ready made one. Some good options are Muscle Milk light, or BSNs Syntha-6 RTD (ready to drink). You can get either at any gas station for about $4.00. That is a little expensive so make the shake when you can.

at lunch try for a 6 oz grilled chicken breast and green beans.

Again at the next break have another snack.

Then you can eat your last meal when you get home.

You are lucky because your breaks and lunch are on a great eating schedule. You should aim to eat 5-6 meals a day every 3 hours.

I'd try to keep this up on your off days too. If you change to a sun up/sun down schedule then just alter your times. For instance breakfast at 8, snack 10:30, lunch 1:30, and so on. Just use the 3 hour rule and try to not exceed 4 hours without a meal.

If you're trying to loose weight you might consider carb cycling. Have high, medium, and low days.
Day one you might eat starchy carbs (bread, rice, oats) at your 3 main meals.
day two you remove the carbs at dinner and stick with vegetables, not carrots or potatoes though.
Day 3 all the starch is removed except breakfast. On this day it is ok to up your fat intake.
Then day 4 you go back to a high day and so on.

this is a good way to eat because it keeps your metabolism working. Another approach is 1 high week, 2 medium weeks, and 3 low weeks.
Your metabolism gets set in its way pretty easy. I like to compare it to an EKG (that green line on medical shows). If you eat the same thing 24/7/365 then it flat lines. It gets so used to this way or eating that it slows. But in the way I suggested you're changing it up and making that EKG line peak.
This is why eating every 3 hours is good. Imagine that line peak with breakfast. Then 3 hours later it is dropping, so you hit it with a snack and its back up. 3 hours later same thing, hit it with lunch, back up. You get the idea.
And this is why the high to low is good too. If you drop too many calories too fast the body panics. As a defense it shuts down the metabolism. the brain senses limited calories so it tries to save as many as possible. The body will do whatever it takes to maintain life.

As for workouts, how do you feel working out after work? I'd like to see you lift weights 3-4 times a week. This might be easier on your off days.
If you want to build muscle then great. If not it is still important to do resistance training. Lifting burns more calories than cardio as it requires more effort.
It all depends how serious you are about lifting. At a minimum figure 30 minutes 3 times a week.
The important thing is to work each muscle group. there is a joke among the fitness community about legs, you have these guys built like trucks up top, with toothpick legs. Workout everything.
For example in one workout you might work Chest, back, and shoulders. the next work bi, tri and abs. the next workout legs (including calves). A good middle of the road set\rep range is 3 sets of 10-12. Use a weight that allows you to do 10-12 reps before you tire. If you can't do 10 then drop 5 pounds. If you can do over 12 with ease then add 5.
If you want more detail on this let me know.

For your cardio I like to recommend HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training. This alternates high and low bouts of activity. So imagine a treadmill, you'd run at 5 MPH for 60 seconds then walk at 3 MPH for 90 seconds. Alternate this 60/90 split for 10-12 sets.
The average HIIT workout is 20-30 minutes. Its great because it burns more fat and has been found to spare muscle. And it is easier than steady state running for 45 min.
If you're like me and hate running then try other options. I love boxing workouts. Boxing at its essence is similar to HIIT.
You are a little more free with cardio. If you can get it in before work then great. If not then a great time is right after lifting.

I've actually designed a total body workout that combines weight lifting on a HIIT cardio basis. Its a great workout for when you're short on time.
I plan to feature it on my you tube fitness show once I can get a new camera.

the most important thing is to maintain a schedule on your work and off days. If you don't have a schedule its easier to fail. I am crazy about schedules. I have to eat at certain times, workout at the same times. On days where my schedule is off I find my self missing meals or even workouts.
So a schedule is key.
Your work/break schedule is good for meals. Try to work this into your off days.
If you can try to workout after work. Maybe you get home at 7:30. Try to begin a workout at 8:00.

Ok I know this was a little jumbled here. just trying to get you as much info as I can.
Feel free to write back any time.  

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