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Hello, Tim Santoro

I started buying Campbell's Chunky soups (the canned ones) to
take for lunch at the company where I work for (it saves me money and time).

After a week consuming it I noticed that my lips chapped (become dry) and thought that it might have been caused because of the high sodium content, which may have caused dryness on my lips.

Would you recommend Campbell's Chuncky canned soups for daily consumption? is it safe?
Do you think it could have caused my lips to become chapped?

Thank you

Hi Jake,
The sodium might have something to do with it. The problem with canned soups and a lot of packaged food is that it is often loaded with sodium (and other preservatives) to preserve shelf life. That's why soup is usually used in shelters and food banks because it lasts a long time.

Convenience aside I wouldn't recommend eating that everyday. It won't necessarily hurt you but isn't totally healthy.
A better option would actually be deli turkey on 2 slices whole wheat bread.
When and if you buy turkey, or even ham (though turkey is a better option healthwise) opt for brands like Boars Head that are more natural and not loaded with fillers.
You can even taste the difference.  

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