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I'm currently slimming down by eating healthy and doing daily light-moderate exercise. The goal is to lose 6 pounds.

I don't have much of an appetite - when I wasn't dieting I was eating about 1,200 calories a day, and now that I am dieting I'm eating around 800 calories per day.

I don't feel faint or dizzy or have any other symptoms like that, and if I get really hungry I eat more.

My question is: am I eating enough? I heard that the generally agreed upon minimum is 1,200 calories. Since I'm eating less than that does this mean that when I'm done dieting and start to eat a bit more, will I gain weight again? Even though I wasn't eating much in the first place??

I have lost a few pounds but I really don't want all this to be for nothing. Please help, thanks so much!

Hi Anna,
no offense but there is no reason anyone should be eating so few calories.
Dieting and weight loss is not always about cutting calories. I always promote calorie content over calorie count. Counting calories fails because it doesn't equal health.
Six pounds is not a lot to lose. However by drastically cutting calories you actually make it harder. When your body senses a reduction in calories it sends up a red flag and slows your metabolism.

The best approach is to optimize your metabolism. You do this by eating every 3-4 hours and exercising to create a calorie burn.
Eating every 3 hours is similar to putting a log on a fire that is burning out. Each meal allows that fire to heat up. The fire is your metabolism.
There is no reason that the average person can't achieve and maintain a healthy weight eating 1800-2200 calories factoring in the content of those calories and exercise.

Plus you need to remember you can't survive on such low calories, nor will you remain happy for long.
Dieting makes people scared of food and this is bad. Diets are a complete waste.
The answer is eating to optimize your metabolism and eating quality calories at least 6 days a week. Avoid processed foods, sugars, excessive fat, and altered foods.

I realize this might be somewhat vague but I hope it provided an understanding that you can avoid diets and get on some type of regular lifetime program of eating and exercise.

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