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Hello, I'm a 19-year-old college student (girl), and lately I have found that food doesn't really taste very good to me anymore.

It’s not just junk food that I am not such a fan of anymore. In fact, that doesn’t bother me, because it’s good that junk food no longer holds the appeal to me that it used to.

But it’s regular foods, too. Rice, meat, cheese, yogurt, fruits, beans, vegetables (like broccoli, zucchini, and spinach), french fries, tuna fish, bread, tortilla chips and salsa, bagels and cream cheese, soup, fish, crackers… everything I eat, basically. The list is endless.

Why does nothing taste good to me anymore? I can still eat things and be okay with them, but I have found that for the past few months, I haven’t eaten anything that makes me say “mm, delicious!” or “this tastes good!” It all just tastes blah to me. Why is this? I used to LOVE food and now I don’t so much anymore.

PS. I have not been intentionally dieting, but I have gradually lost weight because of this lack of food appeal (which is good because I do have a bit of weight to lose. I'm 5'3" 120lbs, girl).

Matilda, please accept my apology for the late reply.

Regarding your concern about foods. Has anything changed with your health recently that could attribute to this?
Some reasons that I've heard of in the past include gastrointestinal disorders, dental issues, sinus and/or allergies, or side effect of medications.

Secondly where are you getting your food from? Do you cook or does anyone cook for you? Try to buy all fresh ingredients and cook a meal from scratch and see if that makes a difference. Sometimes packaged or prepared foods, even healthy ones, can contain certain additives or be prepared certain ways that might affect you.

Another thought may be your overall nutrition. Before this happened how were you eating? Were you avoiding simple carbs like sugar and white foods (bread/pasta/rice)
What about restaurant foods? A lot of chain type restaurants serve processed meals that have a lot of additives in them to maintain freshness and what not. I'm not talking about fast food but actual chain sit down restaurants.

And finally your health? Do you take a multivitamin? Or have you ever been tested for anemia?

Basically most of what I discussed here is from research. I'd suggest if you have the ability, that you see a doctor.
First and foremost though try cooking from scratch like I said and consider any possibly health issues. Another thing you may try is to eat something you have never had before. Something totally new and unique and see what happens. Your brain will have no memory of this food so you may have a different taste reaction to it.

Sorry I couldn't be of too much help. I wish you all the best though. I realize how unpleasant it can be to not enjoy your food.  

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