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I am working to lose a small amount of weight and also to eat more mindfully.  However, I  really struggle with the habit of eating while Iím preparing meals.  I eat a lot of home-cooked meals vs. frozen meals or take out, so I do a lot of cooking and always end up snacking while cooking.  Sometimes these nibbles lead to a full-on binge (the what-the-hell effect, I guess).  Obviously, the solution is to just not eat unless Iím sitting down, but my willpower doesnít seem to be strong enough to support that.  I donít know why I feel such an urge, if itís purely habit or also a drive for instant gratification that canít even be delayed long enough to take a seat.  Do you have any insight or tips for breaking this habit?  Thank you!


You and I are in the same boat, as I have suspicions that many are. We just cook so well!

I have noticed that there are some meals that I nibble on and some that I don't at all. I had to create a new habit to crowd out the old one. When I began cooking, I put an empty plate next to me on the counter. Instead of taking a forkful of the food, I placed a standard helping in the plate and nibbled on that. When dinner was complete, I satisfied my nibble-need and just had one less type of food on my plate.

For example, when I cook steak and it is done before the potatoes and vegetable, I take a few (10) little bites "to taste". Now, I take a 4 oz piece on a plate and nibble on that. Then, I sit down to dinner with only a salad and potatoes. So far, it has worked!

I hope this helps!

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