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I am 28 years old, female, lactating, and currently clocking in at 250 lbs. My daily routine tends to be a can of mt dew at 11pm, then a 400-500 calorie frozen dinner and a can of cola at 3 am, and a piece of fruit and a cup of decaf coffee at 9 am. I work thirds, and tend to hit the hay around 1 in the afternoon. I walk my dogs for a half-hour, and walk back and forth to work, which is a half-hour each way. I'm gaining weight instead of losing it, and I'm not sure what's quite going on. I've put on 50 lbs in the last year, and I kept tightening my diet to try to stop it, but there's not much more I can cut out.

Any insight into what the problem might be?

You cut out calories but added in junk. Your body cannot function healthfully on those foods and you will not lose weight. If you are lactating and your child is  nursing, your child will be health and nutrient deficient as well. My suggestion is to cut out the sugar laden soft drinks that contain typically 12 teaspoons of sugar per drink, eat 4-5 meals through the day that are home prepared not processed, get away from the sugars and breads for now, and focus on health, then weight loss. There is a book called Body Sculpting for Women that has a nutrition plan in it that would be good for someone who works the way that you do, which is difficult on diet and exercise.

I hope you do well!

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