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Dear Richard,
Hi my name is Luis and I am an 18 year old (near 19) college freshman who has approximately 21% body fat, am 6 feet tall, and weight 200 pounds. As a college student, I really have limited amount of food that I have available to eat (out of those choices, lost of temptation with fried foods) and with so much school work, I am sitting down most of the day. I go to the gym at a minimum of 3 times a week and work out along with heart rate target cardiac exercises.
My questions are, how can I shed my body fat down to where I have my 6 packs showing and what percentage of body fat would that approximately be? What exercises do you recommend to do in order to lose body fat? Also, the most important thing, what recommendations do you have on maintaining that body fat percentage after I get there?


You're not going to see your 6-pack until your body fat is in the single digits.

There's no magic bullet for just shedding fat. You need to lift weights to build muscle, do cardio to burn calories, eat healthy foods, and most importantly take in fewer calories every day than you burn.

See my web site for specific diet and exercise plans.

Richard Rost  

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