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Hello, I have been trying to lose weight for the last year, and I keep running into a problem where I get to 30% body fat and can never get past that. My diet consists of about 1600 calories a day, normal everyday diet, I do not remember the exact nutrit values but it is 61 fat, 188 carbs and 99 protien. Sometimes my everyday diet can fall around 1200 calories. I do not like to eat in general, but I prefer fruits or veggies over other sugars and I have my whole life. I was doing p90 for around 3 months but I hit the 30% mark and got stuck so I slowed down to a every other day work out that consists of strength training with some eliptical intensity training. I also take 4 flights of stairs 3 to 4 times a day. When I take the stairs I make sure to go fast enough that my breathing is increased and I can feel my heart beat. I am wondering, should I try increasing my diet to 2500, not sure how, so that maybe that will make my body burn fat?

I am 5'10" weight 240.
my weekly meals are:
4 eggs made into scrambled eggs,
milk + whey protien shake
2 all natural no sugar banana oatmeal bars
1 and half cup whole wheat noodles with low sodium spaghetti sauce.
I only drink fresh brewed tea with no sugar and water all day

On the weekends I may have eggs or pancakes for breakfast the whey shake, and a dijorino pizza with the wife for dinner.

I use to get my calorie amounts.

Mix it up. Try varying your diet. Perhaps try cutting out carbs for a few days. Are you actually MEASURING your food to get an exact calorie count? Most people GUESS and are WAY off.

Vary your workout routine. Change your exercises up. Most of the time when people get stuck in plateaus they just need to vary their diet and workout a bit to break it.

See my web site for specific diet and exercise plans.

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