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I was wondering what your opinion on Xooma X20 is?

I tried a sample from a massage therapy clinic I went to. I actually felt pretty good and noticed weight loss. I do not think it was simply due to an increase in the amount of water I drink because I always drink a lot of water. Do you think there is any truth in this product helping with weight loss? Any possible risks in trying it?

Thank you!

Hi Alyssa, sorry to take a while getting back.
I checked out the product page you mentioned.
First thing is, this is basically a multi level marketing system, also known as a pyramid. You probably know this.
I'll get back to this though.

The product it self is good. I'm a big fan of alkalized electrolyte water. There are actually several to choose from.
It is great to get your body in the proper pH balance which is vital for proper function and health.
There is even reason to believe that these waters hydrate you better than regular bottled or tap water. It can also be good to help you recover from stuff like bad foods, alcohol, chemical food additives and all those other things that reek havoc on your body.

As far as it aiding in weight loss, I'd call that a huge stretch. Like I said it can help get your body working right, but actually claiming it is good for weight loss is going to far. These days weight control is a popular subject so and its great marketing to catch people's attention.

So all that said I think the product is fine to help you maintain proper health and bodily function, especially proper hydration.
But I don't see a need to join a marketing program like this one when you can easily buy similar products at your local grocery or health food store, or mini mart.

I've never seen this product in stores but if you can buy it retail then go for it.
Other great waters are Aqua Hydrate, Smart Water, or Real Water.
All of these are pretty readily available for $2-3 a bottle.
And recently I've even seen some store brand alkalized waters.

Finally you asked about risks, I see none.

All the best.  

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