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I am changing my diet to cut some weight. At present I am 189 lbs, (5 ft 7). Age 33, Male.

What I am doing is to eat a large serving of salads 30 minutes before my main meals to reduce my meals to half.

The salads mostly compose of sprouted mung beans (, carrots, and Cucumbers. All raw. I normally eat a large serving of this.

Also, I am eating a large amount of cooked vegetables along with my meals.

Things are going well, I am losing weight. But at the same time I am experiencing slight bowel discomfort. I normally do not get a full evacuation in the morning and had several movements during the day. There is gas, a lot of gas.

This may be a result of dietary changes. It has been 15 days. Any ideas, how long it will stay? Or, can I add or substitute something in the diet to get rid of the discomfort.

Thank you very much.

Hi Nick, I apologize for taking so long to get back with you. I had a personal matter to attend to and wasn't able to give your question the time it deserved.

It seems that your change in diet is more than likely the cause of the discomforts.
Beans of any kind are a starch. There are two things to consider.
1. You body is likely adjusting to this  change thus it experiences different reactions. The body gets set in its ways pretty easy so when you introduce a drastic change it upsets things.

2. Beans can cause a lot of gas with is probably the reason for the intestinal disruptions.

I suggest you try to limit the salads and possibly reduce the serving size of them. Eat them with the meal.

Be sure you eat a balanced diet. Vegetables are great but are you getting in enough protein and fat?

Also you might look into a digestive enzyme supplement and probiotic to aide in digestion.\And be sure to drink a good amount of water to help with your digestion.  

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