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I had been known to be the skinny girl of my age. infact my weight would be less than the normal for my age. I would eat lots thinking that it could help me gain weight, but it never worked! I would healthy and junk in huge amounts (i have quite a huge appetite) but as i said no gain! this persisted till i was 21 after which i gained a bit. and that too the places i wanted (arms and hip and buttocks area) I was glad. I got married this January and I realised that I have been gaining much more weight especially the belly area. and it looks very prominent since my figure seems okay but the tummy is VERY prominent! it seems like now im only gaining in the belly region no where else!

My diet has remained the same, no change at all. I am teacher as well, i tend to eat lots and lots at work since my food gets digested quite fast.

I am 23 years old, height 156 cms, and present weight is 53kgs.

I have another problem, I seem to have gas problem. Its quite annoying for my age especially! moreover at times it's a lot and at others i might not even experience any. I don't suffer from any constipation or bad bowel movements. I am concerned in this regard since long, because it is quite embarassing for me while teaching, with colleagues with my husband (im newly married. I would think it is because of beans/ peas or dairy products that are the cause, i have come to realise that even if I dont have any of the mentioned, i still experience gas!

Hoping for your help


Hello Asma, and thank you for your questions.

First of all, there may be some changes in your diet since you got married that you are not aware of. Something had to have changed in order for you to gain weight. It could be that you are somehow less active; it could be that you are eating higher calorie foods.

Sometimes after marriage we tend to eat bigger dinner meals instead of just a single girl's bowl of cereal for dinner! Or we hang out with our husband in the evening and relax instead of going for a walk.

The best way to identify what you are doing is to keep a food diary. If you are trying to lose weight, being aware of what you eat is the first and most important step. Then, try to reduce "empty calorie" foods, like candy, soda, cookies, etc. You don't need to eliminate them, but sometimes we can find ways to cut back when we see how much we are eating.

As far as the gasiness goes, there are many other fibrous foods that can cause gas. Broccoli and cauliflower and brussels sprouts are very big gas-producers. Some breakfast cereals provide lots of fiber also. And fresh fruits and vegetables often contain a high amount of fiber. The food diary can be used to identify this problem as well. Note when the problem is the worst and see what you had to eat at the meal or two prior.

I hope this helps!

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