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What's the difference between yogurt and milk scientifically? Why is yogurt so good for you and milk so bad for you if they are the same thing?

Hi Kunal,

First to clear up some confusion, milk is not bad for you. Milk is one of those things like eggs. A food that a few people form an opinion about and suddenly they become public enemy number one.
Low fat milk has a variety of health benefits. It is rich in protein, calcium and often infused with Vitamin D.
Dairy fat can be of benefit, especially with age when more fat helps skin retain a plumpness as opposed to sagging.

Now here is the other side of it, yogurt is one of those foods that are often promoted as "diet food" but is not always good for you. Most yogurt you find in the store is loaded with excess sugar. One of those yogurt cups can have as much sugar as a can of Coke. So all those trendy people who eat a yogurt while "on a diet" are actually not doing themselves any favors.

Yogurt is a fermented milk product. Any type of milk, cow, goat, etc. is extracted and healthy bacteria is added to it. The fermentation process changes the taste and texture of the milk. Fermented foods can aide in digestion and are important for maintaining health.

The best to do is buy low fat (1%) milk. Avoid skim milk as its lactose(sugar) content is usually the highest.
When it comes to yogurt look for a strained yogurt (marketed as Greek yogurt in the U.S.)
Make sure there are no added sugars or other fillers. The only ingredients should be milk and some type of bacteria, usually listed as "live and active cultures". It sounds disgusting but is very healthy and safe.
Make sure the sugar content is no more than about 7-9 grams per serving. This is naturally occurring lactose from milk.
Avoid flavored yogurts as they contain excess sugar, even vanilla flavor. Opt for unflavored and add in your own fresh fruit or add a non caloric sweetener or honey. Greek style yogurt can be slightly bitter on its own.
If all else fails you can add sugar just use a small amount. Chances are you will never add the excess that manufacturers do.
Finally Greek style yogurt is very versatile. You can even use it to replace sour cream or mayonnaise in cooking.  

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