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If my child is 10 and is 56 inches tall and 100 pounds is she considered skinny?

Hi Kelesy,

Its hard to say. Generally speaking no, maybe just on the lean side. Then again it all depends on her stature, activity level, etc. How does she eat?
My son is 4 and only about 30 pounds. He eats fine and is active. He isn't skin and bones by any means, just small. Of course the doctors think this is "wrong"

The important thing is that your daughter eats enough and gets in enough nutrients. If she has poor eating habits you might consider a multivitamin.

Since the subject of your question was BMI, I want to ask you to not put too much thought into that. I am not a fan of BMI. It doesn't account for a variety of variables. For my height my BMI tells me I should weigh 125. I'd look like a Halloween decoration if I weighed that.  

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