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Hey Tim,

I am a 25 yrs old male with a lean body (weight=56 kg and height=170cm). Recently I started going gym and they advised me to take egg white. My concern is whether it would increase my body heat because I have got abscess three or four times and also couple of months back, I underwent a surgery for that to get it removed. Please, tell me how safe egg white is. What I can do to reduce my body heat.

Also I would like to know your advise on consuming whey protein powder. I consume 30 to 40 gms of powder daily. For this, should I follow any regime like consume for two months and leave it for one month, like a recycle program. Or is it something like I can keep on consuming until I am hitting gym?

Eagerly awaiting your valuable suggestions

Hi Renjith,

There are generally no adverse effects associated with supplemental protein.
Whey protein comes from cows milk and is safe. However if you have a dairy (lactose) allergy it is probably best you avoid it.

Egg protein is actually the purest form of protein on earth. Again it is safe unless you have an egg allergy.

By heat do you mean a rise in temperature? It is important you stay properly hydrated. Try to drink water all throughout the day, more when the weather is hot.

As for taking whey protein there is no need to cycle it. You can use it on a daily basis every day of the year. I use at least 96-100 grams per day, every day.

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