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Is it possible that very low carb diets dont work for some people, possibly because of genetics?
After two months of eating less than 20 grams of carbs, I have lots of energy,lost some weight on my extremities and face, but my waist actually got bigger, and I ganed 5 pounds.
Last year I went the other way and ate vegetarian, lots of carbs, and while my belly shrunk, I was tired all the time.
Looking at my Dad and uncles, who were all big meat eaters with big bellies, but died early from cancer and heart disease, maybe I need to cut back on the meat, at leat the red meat or saturated fat. There has to be a genetic component to it.
I do get lots of exercise, and my body, apart from my huge belly, looks not bad for 55. This time I am going to count calories, cut fat, and only eat whole wheat bread. How does that sound?
Thanks Lawrence

Hi Bud

When it comes to eating right you need to include all you food groups in the correct formula for health and the key is not to go to extremes. Carbs are great they are your first source of energy. You need them. You just need to eat the right ones. When I say right ones I am talking about complex carbs found in whole wheat ,oats, potato, and rice for example. Stay away from simple carbs such as soda's like coke and pepsi and cakes. When you are eating protein eat beans, chicken, pork stay away from red meat as much as possible , but you do not have to cut it from your diet. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water at least 8 glasses a day and eating your veggies. Do not forget to get enough fiber in your diet, that is a key factor in subtracting the pounds. Stay away from sugar and salt. As for genetics they play a big part in your body size, shape, and medical problems. That's why doctors ask you about your family history . They are looking for warning signs. As for a big belly that is the main reason why men get sick. Big bellies are a pre cursor for medical problems. As for counting calories that would be a good way of cutting back as long as you know how many calories your body is burning.
I like the vegetarian diet because you can eat a lot and feel full while you are taking in less calories. That is the way I lost weight , but its not for everyone.

Good Luck Bud  

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