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Dear Sir
Hope you are in good health.

I am 41 years man live in Middle east. my hight is 5' 4" and my weight is about 77Kg.
i know i m highly over weight.
Normally my diet includes wheat bread, vegetables, a little meat, salad and green tea daily.
I had started green tea with lemon for weight loss but it couldnt work.  Now i want to add Usage of Nigella and vinegar to my diet.  would you please suggest me proper quantity, recipe and timing.

Normally i dont make breakfast. i rely only on lunch and dinner.

Kindly suggest if you find anything necessary for me.

thanks a lot.
waiting for quick response.


I'm sorry, but I've never even heard of Nigella before, and vinegar isn't a food. You should eat 3 healthy meals a day and get plenty of exercise.

See my web site for specific diet and exercise plans.

Richard Rost  

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