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QUESTION: Respected Sir/Mam,

It is stated that I am not obese by any means but I have a FAT BELLY. I am working out abs with some basic exercise but I really want to know How much dieting I should do.

I hope for a positive response.
Thank You.

ANSWER: Hi Farees

Thank you so much for asking your question! I will do my best to help you with an answer.

It is great that you are tackling this through exercise first. This is very important. If you can manage to strengthen the muscles around your tummy, you will already begin to feel better and look slimmer.

Now, it may surprise you, but I do not believe in going on a diet as such. You see, as a diet is something you go 'on', it also is something you will go 'off' after a period. That is when it is very likely that the weight you have lost, will be gained right back - and often some extra as well.

My experience is that it is all about creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself, something you can stick to for the rest of your life. It is not about depriving yourself, but about making smarter food choices and shopping choices most of the time. It is about surrounding yourself with goodies that are great for you, yet still taste good and satisfy you.

Rather than thinking about dieting, try to think about doing what you can to create a healthier body. Exercising is a hugely positive first step. As you say you are not obese, I am absolutely sure that you can work off the extra belly fat through exercise and just following a healthy eating plan. Don't make anything an absolute no-no. The minute you do that, you will just crave what you can't have. For instance, eat as healthy as you can for say six days of the week. But look forward to having a 'treat' on the seventh day - a pizza or ice cream or what you really enjoy.

Make sure you have healthy, wholesome foods in your kitchen. Toss out ready-made processed foods or things with a long list of ingredients you don't even understand. Here are some healthier snack foods you can consider (all in moderation):

Air-popped popcorn
Nuts (in moderation)
Peanuts (in moderation)
Veggie chips you make yourself
Dried fruit
A bran muffin
A baked potato, eaten with the skin for more filling fiber. Top with salsa for extra taste
Sunflower seeds
Green string beans or sugar snap peas...I love crunching on these. Very satisfying, nutrient-rich and low in calories
Melon balls...low in calories and highly refreshing
Fruit or vegetable sticks, such as pineapple or carrots, dipped into low-fat cottage cheese
A thick and yummy smoothie (did you know that you can use dates as a sweetener?)
Low-fat hot chocolate drinks
A hard boiled egg
Frozen grapes are delicious and satisfies a sweet tooth
Fruit canned in their natural juice (not syrup)
Have you tried apple slices spread with peanut butter? Delicious!
Veggie juice

I wrote a series of 11 articles about losing weight without going on a diet. The articles are packed with more tips and ideas to help you to reach your goal weight, without dieting. You can read them here (the links to the rest of the articles are at the top of the article):
How to lose weight without dieting

I am rooting for you! Let me know how it is going. I am sure you will soon get rid of that belly fat!

Kind regards
Rika Susan

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: That was not a positive response It was a Very Very Positive response. I really Thank you for summing up everything so perfectly.

Your advises seem to be spot on. But I have another question which might sound a bit naive but I would love if you could respond,

I've been working out abs and doing exercise for 3 days but the progress seems negligible(which is obvious) but I would want to know after how many days should I expect a progress.
I know this depends on how vigorous my exercise is but An idea would work.


Hi Farees

Thank you for your response to my answer! It makes all the hard work worth it! It was my pleasure to help you.

Your question about working out isn't naive at all. It is understandable that you would like to know how soon you can expect to see results. I think you are right when you say that it all depends on vigorous the exercise is, plus the type of exercise. For instance, if you do more aerobic exercise, it will probably take longer to see results. If you are working out with weights, the results may be visible sooner.

However, my area of expertise is nutrition, not exercise as such. I do not want to give you a wrong answer here. Would you please do me a favor and see if you can find one of the experts who specialize in exercise? He or she will be in a much better position to answer accurately.

If you can contact someone who has experience in this field, you can get far better advice about how to approach this to see some changes really soon. Here is the page where you can look for someone to help you:
Exercise expertsref="">Exercise experts</a>

The most important thing is to be patient with yourself. Extra pounds usually don't come on overnight, so they will also not be lost overnight. Take things slowly in a healthy way. You are sure to get where you want to be!

I am wishing you well
Rika Susan

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