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I am 37 years old. I had a accident three years ago and since then I am wheel chair bound. I also developed depression after the accident and needed medication for it. As a result I started gaining weight. I tried not to but it only slowed down the rate of weight gain and did not stop it. I can't exercise. So my way is to cut down food but then I start getting very hungry.
Is there some way I can lose weight without working out? Or are there any exercises i can do without needing to run or walk or stand?

Hi Mahnoor, please excuse the tardy response.

I'm very sorry to hear about your accident, however I greatly respect your desire to strive for better health and fitness despite everything.

There are indeed exercises you can do. And actually I want to share with you something that I hope will greatly inspire you.

Before I do that I will provide you with some insight.
The number one thing you can control without limits is what you eat. Strive to eat at last 5 times a day, every 3-4 hours. Try to get in your there main meals and 2 or 3 snacks.
Make sure every meal contains protein, carbs and fat.

For protein stick with lean sources. Chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef, eggs, protein powder.
For carbs: Whole wheat breads and pastas, oats, brown rice, all vegetables, fruits
For fat: Nuts, low fat dairy, fish, oils (olive, vegetable, sunflower) natural peanut butter.

Now some things to avoid: Sugars, white flour foods (white bread, pasta) white rice, processed foods, Trans fats, saturated fats.

Also be careful about your starch intake. Starchy carbs are the foods like bread and rice. While the whole grain forms are good, they must come with limits. Reserve these fore breakfast and lunch and later in the day stick with vegetables like broccoli, spinach, asparagus, peppers, cucumbers.

Another thing you'll want to do is alternate your food intake.
For example Monday maybe you have a starch with breakfast lunch and dinner. Tuesday remove the starch from dinner and possibly lunch, then Wednesday remove all starch and stick with only fibrous carbs from vegetables. Thursday go back to Monday's menu and so on. This allows your metabolism to never get set in its ways.

Ok now for the workout part. I really think you'll get a lot out of this. Are you aware that there is an actual Wheel Chair Bodybuilding group? I'm not suggesting you become a bodybuilder, but I want you to see that there are no limits.

First check out

Then check out
This is the personal web site of the founder of wheel chair bodybuilding Nick Scott. Nick was in a terrible car accident and ended up losing his ability to walk, he in turn fell into depression and his weight ballooned to over 300 pounds. But he changed his life, lost all that weight and is one of the most conditioned athletes you'll ever see. I've met Nick a few times and if he doesn't inspire you, nobody can.

Check out those resources and try to apply the advice  I shared with you on eating.
I really hope this all helps you in your goals.

Best of luck.  

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