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[1] Do fruit contribute to Blood Glucose levels or is the sweetness of a different kind?

[2] Does a half green banana have all the nutrients of a ripe one or of an over-ripe one?

Hi Manfred,

Fruit contains a form of sugar known as fructose.
Fructose generally is better for you when it comes to sugar for 2 reasons.
The first is that the body can't utilize fructose. It muse be transported to the liver and converted to glucose for the body to utilize it for either energy production or storage. This trip to the liver slows digestion and you don't get that rapid spike in blood sugar that something like dextrose will cause.
Dextrose does not have to be converted by the liver so it causes a rapid spike in blood sugar. Glucose is stored as glycogen, when glycogen stores are full the excess is stored as fat.

The other benefit to fruit is that most fruits, especially berries contain fiber. The fiber further slows digestion and further slows the spike in glucose levels.

As for your other question. A ripe fruit is always the best choice because as the fruit matures it has its most comprehensive contents of nutrients. The unripened fruit will not have as much. This is a big issue now days because farming has become too commercialized growers are picking fruit before it can mature. They do this to extend shelf life and get out more product faster.
To get the best fruit you really should go to local growers who harvest and sell by themselves. Not sure where you live but this is easiest done with local farms.
But when it comes to the grocery store I'd opt for the just ripe banana. The only thing is they will probably only last a day or two.  

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