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Hello,i'm 26years old, 6ft tall and i weigh 177 pounds..i go to gym almost everyday,do cadio twice a week and weight lifting for d rest of d week.i ve got flat stomach naturally i always eat anything(dont care if its junk) my question is do i still need to watch my diet and what shouldd my weight be?thank you

Hi Hammed, yes you absolutely need to watch your diet. Looking fit does not make you healthy.
You're very lucky you can eat junk and stay lean. However you still risk heart disease, diabeties, and all those other nasty problems that come with bad foods.
And you may be able to get away with this at 26, but your body changes, especially around 30 and 40.
Perfect example, I have a friend who was very naturally lean in his 20s and was 6 foot, around 190 and was an athlete.
Now at 40 many years of bad eating had pushed his weight up  over 300.

Also if you eat good now, you are better prepared later. It will be easier to stay healthy and in shape when you're 30, 40, 50, 60 if you start now.

Think of it like a car. Maybe you have a brand new Corvette. You put cheap gas in it and drive it fast all day every day. You never change the oil or do routine up keep. For a while it will run great. But as time goes on it will experience wear and tear until one day it breaks down. But if you put quality gas in it and take good care of it it will still run great 20 years from now. Silly example but it works

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