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I am a 19 year old girl, I am 1.66 meter tall and I weigh 68 Kg, medium built. I want to weigh 60 kg.
I've been tracking my calories for the past week and yesterday I started tracking my macros. I haven't been exercising so I am tracking my fat intake. My diet is based on 1200 calories daily.

How many grams of fat should I consume in order to lose fat? What about proteins and carbohydrates?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Rose,

It is wise to track your macronutrients, however the focus shouldn't just be on fat. It is actually a misconception that fat makes you over weight.

First of all I will say that 1200 sounds rather low. I usually recommend people never go under 1600. Your basal metabolic rate is about 1395, the BMR is the number of calories your body uses in 24 hours only to sustain life functions.

It is hard to accurately judge your caloric intake without knowing several factors but I can estimate it.
I estimated your caloric requirement at 2162. This is based on your current weight, an estimate of your body fat percent and an estimate of your daily activity. I estimated your body fat as moderate based on your weight/height and the fact you say you are a medium build. And I estimated your activity level at a level based on the assumption you do daily activities (clean house, walk around, etc.)

Try to get about 450 calories a day from fat. This is 50 grams.
For protein aim for about 140 grams a day or 560 calories.
For your carbs stick to 130-140 grams a day or 560 calories

Of course keep in mind these are all estimates.  

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