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Hi! :) I think it's probably because of BDD but I am partly obsessed with the idea of going to 100 pounds. I'm 5'0, so I feel like I can't gain a lot. I am going 29 onto 30 next January, is 100 pounds too low for a 30 year old? I do use BMI calculators and some people say they're not accurate, I understand depending on how your bones are, how much muscles you have, etc. I weigh 105 right now.

Hi Kelly, it is hard to say what you should weigh because there are a lot of factors.
But why are you so fixated on 100 pounds?
I am not a fan of BMI because there are too many variables. For my height the BMI says I should weigh 120. If I weighed 120 I'd look like a Halloween decoration if you  get what I'm saying.

Do this. Avoid the scale and BMI and all that stuff and look in a mirror. Judge your body composition from that perspective. Take all the numbers out of it and do it by sight.
Are you ok with what you see? Do you really think you can or should lose that 5 pounds. Believe it or not 5 pounds is a lot especially at your size.
This is a huge assumption and I could be very right or completely wrong but 105 sounds like a decent enough weight, even maybe on the lower end.

Also how is your metabolism? What do you eat and how often? Do you work out?

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