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Dear Sir,
        i want to lose 20kgs in three months. i am dieting as well as exercising from last 1 month. is there any special exercise to lose weight FAST (yoga is also prefered)? as well as any special exercise to lose my weight from my face? any special tip??? please suggest......

Hello kathrin,

You don't say how much you weigh now, but unless you're over 100 kg, 20 kg in three months is likely an unhealthy goal.
Any methods of fast weight loss usually are not safe.... Fat loss occurs at about .5 to 1 kg per week. Faster weight loss means you are losing water weight or, worse, muscle weight.

Keep up the exercise and healthy diet--be sure to include fruits, vegetables and lean protein-- and do without added fats and sugars in the meantime.

Unfortunately there is not a way, other than surgery, to lose fat on a particular area of the body.

Keep in mind, if you are on a severe diet restriction and extreme exercise regimen, it's not something you'll be able to keep up, and the weight will come right back when you stop. Instead, focus on changing your habits long term to eat healthy and get daily exercise/activity, and you'll never have to go on a diet again!

Good luck,

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