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i have a question for you dr. beebe.  how do you lose weight when you are bloated after eating meals and take beta blockers for high blood pressure that can slow down metabolism.

my blood pressure meds are:

height: 6'
weight: 354 pounds
ldl: 121 mg/dl
glucose: 86 mg/dl
tsh: 2.010 uIU/mL

Hi Christopher,

I'm not sure my answer for "how to lose weight" will be any different whether you are on these meds and bloated after meals. The same principles seem to work no matter what the core issue is.

Regarding bloating after meals, this can happen from eating too much, eating too fast, and possibly drinking too much fluid with a meal. Try slowing down and eating half as much. Stop before you're full. You can always go back to get more later!

The best starting point is to keep a food diary. You can do this with a sheet of paper, a notebook, or many sites online that help you track your intake (,,,
This lets you see exactly what you are eating, how much, and when. By becoming aware of your behavior you can see what changes need to be addressed.

Then, the first things to cut out of your diet are what are known as "empty calories". Drinking alcohol, sugary beverages, or even fruit juices can add hundreds of calories per day to your diet with no benefit--no nutrition, and no feeling of fullness.

Then take a look at foods with added sugars and fats (so-called "junk foods") like candy, ice cream, pastries and fried foods, as well as fat you put on your food (butter, mayonnaise, sour cream).

If you can limit these foods you can start losing weight without having to go on a diet, measuring portions and pre-planning all your meals. Many people can easily cut out enough calories by stopping those extras, and then they can enjoy a great breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a healthy light snack!

Let me know what happens and any help I can provide along the way :)


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