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Hello I am a young woman in college and am having trouble with my diet. I currently weight 250lb and am 5'7. I have no idea as to how to proceed with weight loss. I started doing some weight loss yoga and stopped eating package foods and switched to fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. I have come upon two problems. One I have no idea what a healthy meal consists of or if I am even cooking the vegetables properly. I usually just heat a pan put some oil and throw in the vegetables and maybe add some herbs and remove them when they are tender. I looked into a raw diet but it seems to extreme for me. Any suggestions as to what a proper healthy meal should consist of? As for my second problem after two weeks of doing the weight loss yoga my body has gotten used to it, I feel I should do something else, do you recommend anything? I usually do it 4 times a week for an hour.

Meal ideas: see my web site.

Workout ideas: see my web site.

Ha ha. :) Seriously... it's all up there. You just have to find healthy foods that you enjoy and workout routines that you like. ANY exercise that you enjoy and will keep doing is GOOD exercise.

See my web site for specific diet and exercise plans.

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