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you were nice enough to give me a informative answer about 79 and have diabetes/well controlled.i take blood thinner eliquis for intermittment atrial fibberation.i try to  eatfibre but my blood pressure medicine causes constipation.i usually have bowel movement once every 3 days.i have prune juice effective but I would like to know effective medicine for constipation.i tried metmucil but that does not help much.i need something that wont interfere with my blood thinner or electrylite balance.some people sat take 4 prunes there something safe over the counter or prescription medicine that wont interfere with my blood thinner or elecrlite balance.i feel the urge to go but nothing comes out.i think im to bowel conscious maybe I should let nature take its 79 maybe once in 3 days is normal for me.appreciate your help

I don't really have any medicines to recommend (that's out of my expertise) but I am surprised Metamucil didn't help.
Do you get fiber in your diet like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains?
Drinking enough water is another huge help for constipation.
And if you go just once in three days, but aren't experiencing pain, discomfort, etc there really isn't a problem.
You might try some high fiber cereals (some of the Kashi cereals, Fiber One, bran flakes, etc) and see if they help.

Good luck!

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