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I can only find time to exercise intensely (in terms of weight lifting) about 2-3 times a week. I try to maintain a solid diet, however I can't seem to maintain the ability to really eat 7 small meals a day since I spend most of my day away from home and can't really carry around all that food and especially be eating when I'm in the class room.

The most common things I eat for supper during the week (the biggest meal of the day) is either fried or cooked or mashed potatoes, sausages or chicken, pasta, salad, vegetables, salmon, soup, fruit.

I can't seem to lose the fat that I've been trying to lose, mainly around the middle. I exercise very intensely when I do find the time, but then again, when I can't exercise, I usually go for a long walk. But I mostly think it has something to do with my meals. What do you suggest & how should i structure & prepapre them?

A good, intense workout 2 or 3 times a week is all you need.

Eating small, spaced-out meals isn't anywhere near as important as watching your OVERALL CALORIES and the QUALITY of your food.

You know what the problem is: stop eating the fried food, go easy on the carbs and fatty meats (sausage).

Remember, you can't SPOT REDUCE fat. The mid-section is the LAST place fat comes off.

See my web site for specific diet and exercise plans.

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