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Most people are worried about how to lose weight. However, I have a different issue: how to become bigger, as I am a slim man. My height is 1.73cm, and my weight is about 66kgs.
In this case, does it help me increase weight if I try to increase the amount of calorie every day?
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Yes, Liam, it's as simple as eating more calories than you burn.
Often I find that people who have trouble gaining weight just don't eat as often as they think they do. They get busy and skip meals!
Try keeping a food diary to see if you really eat as much as you think. It will take conscientious eating, three meals a day and a snack in between and before bed and the weight comes on slowly, maybe just 1 kg per month, so keep at it.
If you're too full to have a sandwich for a snack, look for dietary supplements like Boost or Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink (I'm not sure what's available in the UK). The drink should have 250-350 calories and 10 grams or so of protein. Some bars work too, like a Clif bar--you can get lots of calories in just a few small bites!

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