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what is the real facts about splenda being bad  foryyou and effecting kidneys cant get accurate answer.stevia sounds like expensive rip-off

Hi Howard,
All of the non-nutritive (ie, calorie-free) sweeteners have undergone extensive studies and been proven to cause no harm at reasonable intake levels (this means we can't vouch for their safety if you drink 25 liters a day!)
Splenda is chemically altered sugar, so it feels the same, tastes the same, bakes the same, etc but your body does not recognize it so doesn't digest it, and therefore doesn't obtain carbohydrate or calories from it.
There are always horror stories going around about how harmful the next artificial sweetener is, but still none have been taken off the market because these claims are unfounded.

Stevia is derived from a plant and is an acceptable tasting sweetener added to several diet beverages.

I wouldn't be afraid to enjoy any of the artificially-sweetened products on the market, especially in moderation.

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