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QUESTION: My daughet is 3years and wights 12 kgs which accordingly seems to be underwieght.

i just want to improve her diet and add weight to her body becae ir it is depressing for me when some says she is weak or anything like.

i would like to tell u roughly about her routine .

she is a preschooler in afternoon shift .

schedules stats with

10 am Breakfast one glass of milk and banana or few almonds.
(i avoid heavy breakfast as i prefer her having milk an go)

11:45 she has two Indian rotis (wheat bread with bowl of curd and  mix vegetables

5 after school she has milk and some snacks any fruit and take a nap.

7 she takes soup (beetroot ,caroot and tomato)

9 rice/ roti and vegetable and curd.

milk sometimes if not food.

please suggest any changes if i can do for her to gain weight.

My doc said she has very less iron thats d reason of her slow weight gain please suggest how can supplement be avoided

ANSWER: Hi Leena, sorry to take some time getting back to you.
Your question is interesting because I go through the same thing with my son. I think he is ok but of course the doctors worry because he is small for his age.

The first thing I wonder is her activity level? Is she highly active? Remember that can contribute to it as well.

I notice she does not eat much early in the day and per your list she doesn't eat from around noon until 5:00.
The breakfast meal is good but is it possible to add some toast or oatmeal to it? I know you don't want her having anything heavy, but breakfast needs to set the tone for your entire day.
Think of it as building a foundation of a house. It is the based and you want it to be strong.

I'd suggest adding some protein to the 11:45 meal if at all possible. This meal needs to be bulked up a little more to hold her for those 5 hours.

The after school snack is ok but for dinner get a good source of protein. Consider mixing chicken or beef in with the rice and vegetables.

And if the doctor is saying her iron is low this can be helped with either red meat or dark leafy greens, beans, iron enriched cereal, and eggs.

You might also look into a childrens multivitamin. It can be very hard to get kids to eat all the stuff they need so a multivitamin helps supplement this.

Hope this helps. Feel free to write back with further questions.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thanks for the reply,

as far as activity my child is very hyperactive.

As you told me to add something in breakfast if i add in breakfast by 10 something heavy ,my kid will skip her lunch by 11;45 and it will not be possible for me to feed her as in one and half hour is less time for a food cycle i hope u understand little tummies

Next thing her school provides a food by 2;30 in school during the time she eats though i am not pretty sure.

request your assistance further on the view that should i make moring brekfast heavy nad let go the 11;45 meal or what should i do i am really confused

The hyperactivity is likely the cause. Though I wouldn't worry. It is good to have kids that are active, kids are supposed to be that way as long as they behave.

It is not advised to do anything to make her skip meals. If she is going to eat her 11:45 meal then keep her breakfast as it is.

You might consider a multivitamin supplement as well. Of course talk it out with the doctor first.

As with my son I've come to understand that some are just small. They may pick up as the years ago on or not. But as long as all her hormone levels and health is fine then she is fine how she is.  

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