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I started watching my transfats in last few years and feel that a lot of companies have become wise to people like myself and now have most items claiming to be transfat free, and recently I came across Subway Subs claiming their transfats are naturally occuring.

Is this true for Tuna?  I understand in cheese and some meats it is naturally occurring, but can you please explain this process for meats other than cows.  And, isn't the percentage of natural transfats usually very very low?  Is there a range or how can I tell they are trying to skirt the issue?

Hi Tania,
Yes, animal products have some naturally occurring trans fats. I don't think there are cases where transfats are added to meat/fish/poultry products.

It's often baked goods that make the additional trans fats, and then they must be listed on the label. Unfortunately if there is a small amount (like less than half a gram) they do sometimes get away with saying "none".
Usually the most you'll see is 1-2 grams, so they are in tiny amounts.
If a product has such a tiny amount they can claim zero, there really isn't a way you can find out about it. I would look at the ingredients for code words like "hydrogenated oils" which are liquid oils made more solid for texture (which is what trans fats are).

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