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i want to grow my strength.i do medium intense workout 4 times a week.i was 58kg 6month before and 64kg now.i have come to plateau both in terms of strength and weight.i am on a natural diet.i don't take any gym supplement
how to overcome plateau?

Hi Bikram

If you have hit a plateau, it is a signal that it might be time to shake things up with your programming. Generally, to increase strength, one must do repetitions that cause muscle fatigue between 1-7 range, 2-3 sets for large muscle groups (Chest, back,shoulders,legs), arms should be greater then 8 repetitions in my opinion. If you have been doing a split routine such as Monday, and Wednesday you do Chest,triceps,shoulders and abs and Tuesday ,Thursday you do Back,Bicep,legs then you could switch it up by doing 2-3 times a week upper body. This gives your body a chance to adapt to a new stimulus and will then increase your potential gains.

Also another thing to consider, to gain 1 pound of muscle one must consume an excess of 2500 kcals per week, or close to an extra 400 kcals per day. Diet is also important when introducing strength and muscle gains.

Hope this helps.

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