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hello Laurie, i'm having a very hard time losing weight. right now i'm going through a plateau i can't seem to get past. i have tried eating 3 meals a day, frequent meals, lots of water, fasting, and counting calories.  why does this happen and what really works for this problem. i appreciate it if you can give me a detailed answer, thanks.

Hi Chistopher,
I can appreciate your frustration!
I would need a lot more detail to address your particular situation (how much have you lost over what time period? What is your height, weight and age? How long have you been at this plateau? How is exercise involved in your regimen?)

In general I find that most people call it a plateau when, in fact, it's not. For instance, someone will start losing wight extremely quickly (like 4-5 pounds a week at first) and then be dismayed because now it's been 3 days and the scale hasn't moved.

A true plateau is when the scale doesn't move for months, in which case the answer is often bumping up the exercise regimen.

How long have you been trying to lose weight, and have you stuck with any one plan for a number of months?

Ideally, a person will learn to eat healthy and incorporate physical activity into their lifestyle. Weight loss will come. On the weeks it doesn't, you can take heart knowing you are doing the right thing. When you get to your goal you will continue more of the same and you'll maintain your healthy weight.

When we chase the scale by eating less and less, or trying the latest fad, we can't win in the end, because the 'hidden' goal is to lose enough to be able to start eating those treats again, which cause weight gain again and it's all a vicious cycle!

Aside from the fasting, I'd think if you counted calories and ate at least 3 times a day (fewer calories than you burn, of course) weight loss will happen in time. Recommended rates are 1-2 pounds a week, or 10% of your weight over 6 months. It takes time so be patient and the plateau will be meaningless after you've gotten to your goal!


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